Raw milk and seasonal produce
from pedigree British Toggenburgs
About Us

In 2012, Tereza Fairbairn was given her first pedigree goat kid as a very generous leaving gift by her work colleagues when she left a busy job in the Square Mile to look after her son. Her colleagues knew she was interested in cheese making, kept a few ex batt hens in the garden and had recently purchased a small plot of land in the Suffolk countryside. This gift set us on a path that could never have been imagined and ‎in a few short years the Fulibroch Dairy was up and running supporting a small herd of pedigree British Toggenburg dairy goats.

The first goat kid purchased‎ from Dreda and Roland Randall's Monach herd along with a second pedigree companion was the start of the foundation herd and these girls were soon joined by two pedigree Monach milkers. The sheer volume of milk and inability to do anything productive with it resulted in the design and build of a small dairy powered by solar panels to sell the milk commercially to minimise waste and also enable the goats to pay for themselves.

The herd took its name from the area where it is situated, a long forgotten hamlet of the Middle Ages known as Fulebroc after the ‘full’ or ‘foul’ brook that runs to this day down to meet the River Stour. A breeding programme followed, and the Fulibroch Herd was established attending agricultural shows, milk recording and selling pedigree livestock.

More goats meant more milk but also excess kids and so the delicious Fulibroch milk fed kid meat was placed on the menu followed by the production of high quality beautifully tanned hides organically processed here in Britain.

Although we were happy that the dairy was using all its by-products it wasn’t using all its waste and an ever growing manure pile constantly bothered us. So we made a decision to grow rhubarb mulched in the manure irrigated by an old well with the pump powered by the dairy solar panels. The rhubarb patch contains crowns that have traversed generations of local families and are known locally for their taste and productivity rather than being horticulturally known varieties.

The dairy now offers seasonal products all year round, and using all it's waste and being sustainable, is environmentally friendly. This has generated a lot of interest and we are privileged to provide talks and host private groups to the dairy for those who wish to see our circular model, and learn about setting up similar initiatives themselves. 

Tereza has now taken her light and energy to help others with their projects but leaves a legacy in the Fulibroch Dairy. We hope you enjoy our livestock and seasonal products as much as we love producing them.

Tim and Matthew Fairbairn, Fulibroch Dairy