Raw milk and seasonal produce
from pedigree British Toggenburgs

Our artisan dairy overlooks the beautiful Stour Valley in Suffolk and as our herd is small we hand milk our goats twice a day and bottle to order for each of our customers. This means that often customers will receive their milk a couple of hours after it has been milked‎.  

Fulibroch raw goat milk is unpasteurised, we simply milk into a pail, strain it and bottle it. It is as simple as that. Whilst many of our customers do purchase our milk for health and dietary reasons, we have many who simply want the taste of good old fashioned milk from the churn.‎ We don't make any health claims about our milk other than it is simply fresh, pure and natural. ‎

The goats are fed carefully to ensure the milk always tastes exceptionally good and we believe high welfare and health equals quality output. Our dairy goats eat additional natural forage and browsings and may kid or be rested from kidding for a year therefore the butterfats and nutrients naturally fluctuate in the milk with the seasons. We have some happy customers who can actually discern this. 

As a registered milk production holding we have a regular inspection from the Food Standards Agency and are also overseen by Babergh Environmental Health.

Milk is available in litre recyclable bottles to pre-order from the dairy‎ directly or to purchase from the following outlets:

Bures Local Produce Market, Essex

Ruse and Son Family Butcher‎‎, Suffolk

Spencers Farm Shop, Halstead

We also supply soap makers and cheesemakers when supplies allow. We do not currently send milk by post.‎

For further queries or to discuss your requirements please enquire below.‎

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