Raw milk and seasonal produce
from pedigree British Toggenburgs
RM134 Monach Kolkwitzia
Pedigree Data
Pedigree Name: RM134 Monach Kolkwitzia
D.O.B: 06/04/2012
Sire Name: §178/140 † Monach Gringo
Dam Name: RM200 Jacmar Guinevieve *14
Gender: Female
Milk Yield: 1341kgs
Butterfat: 3.74%
Protein: 2.88%

Gretel. Milk recorded with Norwich and District Goat Club in 2016. Running through in 2017. Nice compact show goat with good conformation. Milker in Fulibroch Dairy herd. Not for sale. Due to kid Spring 2019.

Hadleigh Show 2014, 2015, 2017 - Best in Show, Best Milker in Show

Hadleigh Show 2016 - First Best BT Milker